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Author: amenff

Feature photo - Pg79 I am not rich but I have no regrets


Chinese Opera Troupe, Ipoh Goh Kwooi Thai, diva I met Madam Goh when she was in Ipoh with her troupe to perform at a Chinese temple in conjunction with a festive celebration. It was quite remarkable experience to photograph and talk to this veteran while she put on her...

Feature photo - Pg149 Boss, berapa kali tarik_


-- Translated by Jackson Mah -- Mohd Rudin Sulaimeen,東主 哥打巴魯 Kedai Kopi Din Tokyo 馬來西亞人最愛的“拉茶(teh tarik)”,就是把熱騰騰的奶茶重覆從一個大杯倒到另一個大杯,以讓奶茶冷卻下來。拉茶人的功夫,就在於拉茶的高度:茶拉得越高,泡沫越多,功夫越好。 在哥打巴魯,Rudin是數一數二的拉茶大師。30多年來,他就站在自己的咖啡店裡那張獨特的U形餐檯施展拉茶技藝。雖然他已經74歲,但還是能輕鬆拉出一杯足足雙臂長的好茶。很多人慕名來看他的表演,一嘗那杯遠近馳名、泡沫滿滿的拉茶。 即使不斷忙著準備茶料和拉茶,Rudin也不忘和顧客談天說笑。有顧客要求自己的茶要拉上6次,他也開心順著完成要求。 這位能者多勞,也可以一邊煮生熟蛋(在他的店被叫做塔利班蛋,telur taliban)、一邊烤麵包並洗碗碟。雖然全家都來幫忙,但他還是喜歡親力親為。 咖啡店的店名除了Rudin,另一半則是這店的前身Tokyo Hotel。在60年代,Tokyo Hotel算是當地的地標。然而到了今日,Kedai Kopi Din Tokyo也同樣聞名。Rudin的兒子也毫無疑問能駕輕就熟接過這盤長青的生意。...

Feature photo - Pg149 Boss, berapa kali tarik_

“Boss, berapa kali tarik?”

-- Translated by Hisham Idris -- Kedai Kopi Din Tokyo, Kota Bharu Mohd Rudin Sulaimeen, 71, pemilik Rakyat Malaysia sukakan “Teh Tarik”, minuman teh susu panas yang dituang dari satu koleh ke koleh yang lain, bertujuan untuk menyejukkannya. Kemahiran “penarik” teh boleh dilihat melalui setinggi mana dia mampu...

Feature photo - Pg149 Boss, berapa kali tarik_

“Boss, how many times do I pull?”

Kedai Kopi Din Tokyo, Kota Bharu Mohd Rudin Sulaimeen, 71, proprietor Malaysians love their “teh tarik”, literally, “pulled tea”, which is hot milk tea poured from one mug to another to cool it down. The skill of the tea “puller” is the height from which he can...

Feature photo - SEMOA project


We are working with SEMOA on a funding initiative for the Orang Asal children who want to stay at their dormitory in Pahang. SEMOA is an NGO who manages a dormitory in Pahang where Orang Asal children can stay for free. The biggest problem for most Orang...


Across The Sea

Ivy Soon and I have been working on a book on Seberang Perai for almost a year now. The book is funded in part by thinkCITY Butterworth. We will be launching the book at The Butterworth Fringe Festival on August 12, 2016. In Butterworth of course...

Compassion in Action - feature photo

Compassion in Action * Behind-the-scenes

[caption id="attachment_2075" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Giving the homeless their dignity no matter who they are[/caption] I first met Nur Azmina Burhan or as her friends know her, Che Na, in November 2012, at a feeding program hosted by Pertiwi. Allie who is the designer of my book...



SUKA Society 2015 We are working on a project to document the schools in rural areas supported by the society....

Tiles - Celebrate Diversity


Placeholder for 'Celebrate Diversity'  ...

Feature Photo -Compassion in Action IG -85988

Compassion in Action

Nur Azmina Burhan, professional hairstylist and volunteer with PERTIWI Compassion in Action PERTIWI volunteers go out at least four evenings a week to feed the homeless at various locations in Kuala Lumpur. Nur Azmina’s role is slightly different as she helps restore the dignity of the indigent...

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