Stories – Born in Malaysia – A Photographer's Journey
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Mimi Mashud-6853

Mimi Mashud “Comics is like a movie”

MIMI Mashud is obviously a Kuala Terengganu insider. Her travelogue Kuala Terengganu in 7 Days offers an intimate and quirky account of her family’s trip to her mother’s hometown. Her comic strips, with its smatterings of the local lingo and inside jokes,are an interesting visual...

SK Long Semadoh

Jonathan Labo, Headmaster 4/4

On a cold morning in Long Semadoh, I visited the only primary school serving the village. I had met Jonathan Labo, the headmaster of the school the day before. Here's a man who is passionate about teaching and the welfare of the kids and his...

Traditional dance performance

A Lun Bawang wedding in Lawas 3/4

During the week spent in Sarawak, I had the privilege of attending a marriage between two Lun Bawang people in Trusan, Lawas. Debbie and Sylvestser are related to Francis, my host for the trip and Stanley who had become our impromptu tour guide. The wedding...


A week with the Lun Bawang people 2/4

During my trip to Long Semadoh, I stayed at Francis Lisa Muga's family home which is built at the top of a rise that overlooks a meadow. Francis's family have long since moved out of their longhouse and now, as most of the other villagers,...

Saying goodbye to Mr Raut Kading who manages the Tagang Project

A week with the Lun Bawang people 1/4

In the week before Merdeka, I made a trip to the Long Semadoh area in Sarawak which is made up of 11 villages. I had been putting off this trip for quite awhile. My purpose was simply to discover what Merdeka meant to the people...

Posts 2015-12-06 -48615

A tribute to Mr Tan Kim Bee

I first met Mr. Tan Kim Bee in 2013 when I was looking for subjects for my book. I wanted a mix of cultures and races and Mr Tan and his wife being Peranakan were perfect. They were also the parents of my writer, Tan...


Kampung Hakka, Mantin

Kampung Hakka is a village in Mantin, Negeri Sembilan. It was through Victor Chin that I was introduced to this village. I chose to travel there during the Dong Zhi festival in December, 2013. ...

Posts 2013-11-09 -88653

SEMOA and their dormitory in Pahang

I came across SEMOA in 2013 when travelling around the country looking for subjects to be featured in Born in Malaysia. This non-profit NGO dedicated to the Orang Asli, an underserved community, immediately spoke to my heart. Timothy and Rajen, the two men behind SEMOA, work...

BIM front cover

The Cover Photo

The cover photo on my book happened through pure dumb luck or divine intervention. Up until the third year of the project, I had still not decided on a cover photo. I was photographing the fishermen at a fishing village near Teluk Bidara in Terengganu...

Posts 2013-08-10 -49961

The Horseman

DSP Nor Fauzi bin Ismawi was the most gracious host, allowing me to photograph him with the people and horses he manages. The horses were all raring to go and ran into the distance, neighing and kicking. At one point, I walked into the middle...

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